About Sue Nelson Buckley

Writer Extraordinaire (at least in my own mind)

So who am I?

Writing is as important to me as breathing... ok well at least as important as chocolate (trust me - that means it's vitally important). I've been telling stories since I was a kid. Often it was to get myself out of trouble (sometimes it even worked) but most of the time it was to keep my brothers and I entertained.

My first manuscript was sent to a publisher over a decade ago. It was rejected, which devastated me at the time. But after a few years I met a group of awesome people who were writers. The took me under their wing and I got my confidence back.

Life got in the way and I ended up moving across the country. I live in Canada, so it's a big country. It took me another few years before I decided to try my hand at getting published again. I'd been writing a lot in the meantime, but mostly just for my own pleasure.

My friends think I'm insane for trying to make a living by writing. I figure, you can't succeed if you don't try.

Being a typical Virgo, I'm an information-a-holic. I need to know everything. If you write, check out my blog to see what I've learned so far. Hopefully, I can save you from falling into the same pitfalls I've already hit. After all, spending your time writing instead of recovering is never a bad thing! (If you don't write, read it anyway. I'll blog about stuff besides writing too.